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*GASP!* [Dec. 5th, 2006|11:03 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Where Do You Go? By National Product]

So I was browsing my facebook notes and got a comment from Tom on one of them and he mentioned my LJ has been inactive...so lets make it semi-active again k? K. 

So I'm sitting here looking like a freak with braids coming out of my head every which way in preperation for being a mermaid you know the whole wavy look. And I'm pretty bored and kind of sleepy...I still have to pack a lunch for tommorrow and yeah. I'm trying to figure out the best way  to sleep with braids coming out of my head everywhich way so they don't get uh too messed up while I'm sleeping. Highly entertaining material. 

Santa B-fast is Saturday. I'm pumped but yet nervous at the same time. Luckily I don't have too many lines. I'm just worried about freezing my butt off backstage...sooooo cold wandering around in that mermaid dress. Yes....dress...yes I'll try to get pics. Yes i know I haven't worn a dress since 8th grade confirmation. Haha. 

Well I updated so there, I'm going to go pack my lunch or something now....
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blah blah blah bored! [Aug. 6th, 2006|11:16 pm]
[mood |restlessrestless]
[music |Back Home by Yellowcard]

I'm bored and I'm waiting for some more new tunes to download so I'm going to make a list of things I want to get done sometime this week cool? Ha probably not but I'm going to do it anyways.

-Find the new Hellogoodbye album online...I pretty much have all the demos anyways what's the point of buying it? eh.....the dvd I guess but I have so many cds that've came with dvds that I have yet to watch. I'll get around to it someday before dvd's are obsaleet(spelling? haha...) I swear! 
-Ride my bike up to the library when the books I put on hold come in...I'm tired of dinking around looking for stuff so I'll let a paid library employee do it for me :-) I got the two latest Lemony Snicket books on hold and Jpod....I saw it at Borders and was intrigued so I want to read it. Yep. 
-Watch Clockstoppers with the bro....we haven't watched it in forever and since we found it the other day I guess we should probably watch it. 
-Update the music on my mp3 player which means taking off some to make room for new..whoo 15 gigs just isn't enough....I need the 60 gig ipod...yep haha. Which is partly getting ready for the new school year cuz I gotta have my tunes to getting me going in the morning. I walk to the bus...listen on the bus and then listen coming home. Sometimes during class if the teacher lets us. The joys of being able to have a backpack with you all day :D 
-Sort out some of the music in my media player and take some it off that I have on cd already so I can make room on my hard drive for more downloaded stuff. Plus make more playlists it's fun. 
-If I get my books read them! 
-Going to a movie on Thursday night with the grandrents...oh Jou...Muppets in Space...fun. 
-Take a picture of my collage to put up on deviant art...I made that thing forever ago I should finally get around to doing something with it.
-Work more on the story
-Enter everyday to win free stuff from the magazine doohickey...
-Work on my song lists that I started the other night some more. 

Wow I think that's pretty much everything.....God I'm trying to finish out the summer just getting stuff done that I can't do much of during the shcool year... Ah well that stuff should keep me busy for the next two weeks.

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Hit Approve.... [Jul. 25th, 2006|03:23 pm]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Lunch:Sloppy Love Jingle Pt. 1 by Gym Class Hereos]

There  is hope out there for rap....not all of it is bad. I like some Kanye.....I love listening to Atmosphere. And today the new Gym Class Hereos album dropped and it's great. I'm listening to it right now.  Variety is the spice of life ya know? Plus rap with some guitar thrown in...definately not a bad thing. 

Oh and my hair sucks....I want to cut it all off....it's too thick again, I need to get it thinned. Blah. Plus it's poofy cuz I washed it today....I hate poofiness. That's pretty much all I have to say for myself. I'm a boring person aren't I?
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um.... [Jul. 1st, 2006|10:24 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |It's Not Your Fault by New Found Glory]

I just have to say that the NFG album when it comes out is going to friggin' blow  up insanely.... I've just gotten my hands on the new single "It's Not Your Fault" soooo MTVesq.....it'll blow up TRL When the video drops....good lovey dovey song but yet I like it even though it's very very different from say Nothing Gold Can Stay stuff.....put it on the mp3 player cuz who knows where I'll be within the next week but lets not get into that....I just want away from this that's all.   The truth will come out sooner or later....hopefully sooner..I could make millions off the book someday haha...now that's being optimistic about all of this....

Oh and I hungout with Josh, Chris, and Miranda last night....we got Tacos it was fun.

Oh yeah I had the best cashier at mejier today haha :-)
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I Can spell Confusion with a K and I can like it.... [Jun. 24th, 2006|03:52 pm]
[mood |indescribableindescribable]
[music |Different Names For the Same Thing by Death Cab for Cutie]

So I think I'm pretty much Crazy  for saying this :  I think I _ _ _ _ him....  maybe? No Definately.  He's in Mexico until tommorrow though. Plus other things. It's a confusing thing.  Have I gone Crazy?  God help us all....
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Readyyyy Read! [Jun. 13th, 2006|06:55 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Your House by Jimmy Eat World]

In addition to listening to a butt load of music this summer...I'm in the B's of my album listening to Marathon by the way. I'm reading yeah reading. I got back into it when I had study hall first term and I figured might as well get in some pleasure reading before I have to hit the text books again. So I thought I'd keep somewhat of a list of what I read this summer just to see how much I've accomplished. So I'll either edit this entry a lot or just post new entries...or I don't know we'll see how it goes! Anyways here's what I've read so far.

Boy Girl Boy by Ron Koertge (It was pretty good it was fast read)

Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini (haha this one was good it was about this guy who was a loser. and he takes this pill that implants a computer in his brain to make him cool and to help him get a girl but the computer well it bascially controls his life and then it screws up his life but yeah it was good I'd reccommend it.)

Right now I'm reading:
Theives Like Us by Stephen Cole

I have a couple more books left after that to read too. So yeah it's better than crappy day time TV anyways. :D
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mmmhmm definately Bored! [May. 26th, 2006|04:41 pm]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Hows my Driving, Doug Hastings? by Less Than Jake]

so I'm browsing the internet and looking at things I think are cool and that if I had the money to buy I would. So yeah, I'll post links just because yeah...I'm boreded!

Check this cool purse out. I bet I could figure out how to make one out of one my dad's old liscense plates that's hanging in the garage though. So is $60 worth it? Who knows? I'd love to have the cali one...or even the NY one instead of having an IN one ugh haha.

I seriously almost bought this scarf today there but didn't know where I'd wear it. It's pretty awesome though.

Ohhh an AVA SHIRT! The one we were looking at today but for girls..coolness.

I was gonna buy this one today if I had enough cashola but I didn't :(

Oh and these shoes....:)

I love hoodies...yes I do!

Jeans! Why are jeans so expensive? Gr..!

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My Hair Sucks.....yeah. [Apr. 19th, 2006|03:18 pm]
[Current Location |My Room....]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |The Ground Folds by Senses Fail]

Hmm...so I got an email today saying that Tom wants me to update so here I am! Updating this is for you Tom!

Not much has been going on lately just the usual blahness. Oh well I am going to see Dashboard Confessional Monday night with this guy Tyler and some other people who I've never met before haha. But I've heard that Dashboard is pretty amazing live so it should be a good time and hopefully a good memorable time. Cause this is my first "real" concert. Local shows just don't get the turn out ya know? ha.

School has been alright again just the usual...junk. Nothing too exciting. I sound really boring don't I? Gosh. I haven't been able to write a decent blog in forever, possibly because I haven't been feeling all "emoish" lately. Things have been good. The Angels & Airwaves album leaked last week and that really helped me with the final step of moving on...and just accepting the fact of me and him just being friends. We still have fun...that's all that matters. But if he ever wanted to go out...heck yes I'm there. haha. It still doesn't change the fact that I miss him and still want to hangout with him though.

I've come to the conclusion that either my NFG shirt that I got in middle school has either been stretched out or I'm smaller than I was in middle school. I know it didn't fit this loose back then. It's always exposing my shoulder some what now ha. It's only a medium too. I dunno...people think I'm anorexic...but then they see me eat and I put it away haha so clearly I'm not. I dunno...let them think what they want I know what's true and what's not. Ah well was this good enough for ya Tom? Oh and I've made a goal to see how long I can go without posting a bulletin on myspace..wish me luck haha. So far it's been like uh 12 hours whoo go me!
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I'm Such A LOSER! [Apr. 5th, 2006|11:11 pm]
[Current Location |My Room...]
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |The Minute I Met You by New Found Glory]

Would you rather:

ask someone out
be asked out

be poor and live till you're 100

be rich and live till you're 30

be blind
be deaf

have it be winter all year round
have it be summer all year round

be beautiful
be loved

take a bath
take a shower

be born poor and die rich

be born rich and die poor

never have to go to school
never have to go to the doctor's/dentists

never feel physical pain
never feel emotional pain

wear glasses/contacts
wear bracesi already do

I take a vitaman supplement.
I've never been to New York.
I'm a vegetarian.
I get mostly A's and B's on my report card.
I'm taking Home Ec.
People tell me all the time that I'm photogenic.
I'm born in the month of April.
My astroligical sign is Cancer.
I don't even believe in astrology.
I have been to Canada at least twice.
If I lost my lipgloss, I'd probably die.
Why are people so down about Barney? He helps little kids learn.
When I draw people they usually look like stick figures.

Kelly Clarkson gets on my nerves.
I have an iPod.
I listen to the classic rock station on the radio.
I have a crush on someone who's two years older than me.
I'll eat anything you give me.
I'm a picky eater.
I'm actually more of a cat person.
I prefer Lays to Pringles.
On school days I wake up around 6:00 AM.
I love Trix cereal.
I still buy happy meals.
My toenails are painted right now.
I've skimmed through the encyclopedia for no reason before.
The floor of the room I'm in right now is wooden.
I'm in the French Club.
My school doesn't even have a French Club.
I enjoy gardening.
I don't have a single favorite song.
I have a computer in my room.
I'm chewing gum right now.
I had a taco for lunch.
I can't play a musical instrument.
I sometimes wish I had a British accent.
I dont like crepes.
Music is my boyfriend.
I like to listen to rap.
No, actually, rap is crap without the 'c'.
I've heard of The Spinto Band.
I love The Spinto Band's music.
I play basketball.
I play field hockey.
I'm a cheerleader.
I have, like, 17048710284 inside jokes with my friends.
I have some type of phobia.
I still have Barbie dolls/action figures from when I was a little kid.

I'd rather shave my legs with a nail file than actually ask my crush to a dance. They can ask me.
Yahoo is my email provider.
I can't resist buying Tabloids.
I hate the phrase "your mom",
but even so, I say it all the time.
I have a job.
I get payed less than minimum wage.
When I first meet people, I usually hate them right off the bat, but then later I think they're okay.
I reallllly love metallics.
Math is probably my favorite subject.
My reading level is above what the average kid my age's is.
I'm 14 years old.
I don't understand why guys think that if they act perverted you'll like them.
I have personally met the person who's site I got this survey from.
No, I will not vote for Pedro.
I'm really mad now because the movie Napoleon Dynamite ROCKS.
I laugh at kids who try to dress gangster.
They seriously need to bring Boy Meets World back on the air.
I have a problem with labeling people.
People tend to label me, but I don't really care.
People do label me, and it makes me mad.
I don't think I even have a label.
I don't have my driver's license or permit. *Getting it TOMMORROW!
I love movie theatre popcorn.

I'm not a Harry Potter fan.
I never notice people's eyes color, unless they point it out to me.
I spend waaaaaaaaay too much time on the computer.
My middle name starts with 'D'.
I dont have a best friend.
Fall Out Boy was FREAKING INSANELY AWESOME before, but now that they got on MTV, they've sort of lost their awesomeness.
MTV makes me mad sometimes.  *Try most of the time!
But Laguna Beach rocks.
I hate the little kids in my neighborhood.
I have to take pills for depression.
I like bolding surveys.
This particular survey SUCKED.
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BORED!!! [Apr. 3rd, 2006|11:01 pm]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Lillian Lies by Youth Group]

I like gory movies
I told someone I loved them when I really didn't
I like polka-dots & stripes
I'm wearing a green shirt right now
I still listen to music on a portable CD player
I own several cassette tapes
& I still listen to them frequently
My pet is over 10 years old
I have never owned a lava lamp
I am an athlete
I write notes and random stuff on my hands and arms constantly
I fiddle with my jewelery when I get bored
I'm bored

I wear see-thru thongs
I have my own phone in my room
I take showers at night
I go to church every Sunday
My bathroom has a theme to it
I have a window in my bathroom...one of them.
I live in an estate
I reside in Australia
I married an idiot
I love listening to classical music
I carry around a backpack at school
I have been to the East Coast
I need a shower

I worked out today
I sew/have sewed
I live on a farm
I think a pig would make a very good pet
I think my house is nice
My house is painted blue
I don't like men with mustaches
I smell good lol
I'm craving cake
I have Death Cab For Cutie's new CD Plans
I am currently sad/mad/depressed over something or somebody...not crazily, but a little.
I have been to my High School Reunion
I once lit my house on fire
I love scented candles
I was paid to do something in a dare that I now regret
I've stepped on a nail or thumb tack before
& I cried
I've walked on a pier before
I have ran a red light, either driving or riding in the car
Yes, I went through an NSYNC craze
I have been on the tv show TRL before
I love watching 'I Love the 80's' on VH1
I live for Ben&Jerry's ice cream
I love my pet more than anything in the world
I'm greedy
I was/am my school's Student Body President
I have read a Stephen King novel before
& I liked it
I read the Sunday comics faithfully
I sing to Queen's 'We are the Champions' and 'We Will Rock You' whenever they come on the radio
I never get embarrassed in public
I blush way too easily
I love to do kareoke
I'm singing right now
I'm not comfortable AT ALL around the opposite sex
I have donated to charity before
I know someone who lost their home to Hurricaine Katrina or some other natural disaster
I've had more than one very near-death experience
I know all the words to the songs from Grease
I hate orange juice with pulp
I have seen a show on Broadway before
I have ran up and hugged a stranger, mistaking them for someone I knew
I have drooled all over my pillow before whilst in a deep slumber
I'm listening to my favourite song right now
I have/had a mood ring(s)
I have an Apple Mac
I have taken an art class in school before
I have owned a disco ball at one time or another
I can speak fluent Spanish
I've been to a roller rink and fallen flat on my butt
I can write in Japanese
I have been hospitalized for more than a month before due to a terrible injury
I would streak for 50 bucks
I have pole danced before just for fun
I know who Billy Joel is
& I love his music
I wear foundation
I have a ridiculously large purse
I have ridden a camel before
I love carnivals and fairs
I have spent the whole day at the mall and just walked around

I live/lived/visited in Germany
I love to people-watch at the airport
I don't have a favorite flower
I have seen the movie Love Actually
I have a lot of random shit hanging on the walls of my bedroom
I drink as much milk as I'm recommended to
I keep my movie ticket stubs
I'm going to go see a play or musical soon
I have visited Mount Rushmore
I have studied abroad before
I don't drink enough water
I love yogurt
I'm trying to lose weight
I HATE my toes
I'm trying to gain weight
I love the show 'True Life' on MTV
I loathe reality TV
I have a Myspace
I have taken a College Algebra math course
I love doing crafts
I can count from 1-10 in two or more different languages
I need to paint my toenails
I like the band The Postal Service
My internet homepage is my email provider's page
I never send e-mails anymore
I have a cell phone
& I don't think it's a piece of trash
I have an iPod
& a really kickass case for it, too
I put my shoes in the dryer
I own my own apartment or home
I still like the song 'Bat Country' from Avenged Sevenfold even though I've heard it about a million times
I still watch the Price is Right and Jeopardy
I've played Spin-the-Bottle
& I had to kiss this really ugly geeky kid!!
If I was a guy, I'd leave the toilet seat up too!
I love to bargain shop
I'm avoiding carbs
I could live off of breakfast cereals
I have/had a pet named something totally cliche like Spotty, Buddy, Fluffy or something similar
I wish I could be a member of the opposite sex for one day
I dislike standardized tests
I hate '90s music
I can't wear watches because I have too much electricity in my body
I just don't wear watches because I think they're ugly
I text in class or at work
I often wake up in the middle of the night and have a midnight snack
I can't WAIT for summer
It gets really hot in summer where I live..not overly hot

I once wore something that was 5 times too big for me in public
I have been to Canada
I live in Canada
I hate it when guys leave the toilet seat up
I have a really cool 6-CD changer stereo
I own all the cds from my favourite band
I love Hot Topic
I hate Myspace
My favourite band has a 'The' in front of it
All I wear is band teeshirts
I'm a loner
I can speak another language fluently
I like Dave Matthew's Band
I practically live in my pajamas when I'm at home
I love mashed potatoes
I have seen my favourite band in concert more than twice
I love string cheese
I hate The White Stripes
Gothic people scare me
I'm homophobic
I visit dictionary.com on a regular basis
I'm going to buy Brokeback Mountain when it comes out on video
I'm religious
I want to move out of this stupid state already

I have a certain order in which I put on my socks and shoes
I just ate dinner
I'm a morning person
I want to kill the members of Fall Out Boy, or maybe just rip out their vocal chords
I'm an Anime Nerd
& proud
I have homework to do tonight
I have a High School diploma
I'm home alone right now
I love Chinese take-out
I think sushi is disgusting
& I've never even tried it
It's raining right now
I love listening to old-school Madonna
I'm picky
I've volunteered before in my community
I'm always sore
I hate back massages
I give a mean back rub
I'm interested in acupuncture
I love foreign food
I listen to my iPod/MP3/CD player in class or in the office when I'm supposed to be paying attention or working
I fall or have fallen asleep in class

I would never wax my legs, even if you paid me
I have tried Nair before
& it hurt like hell and didn't work
I suffer from sleep apnea
Someone in my family or someone I know battled cancer and won
I have a shirt hanging in my closet that hasn't been worn for over 2 years
Snickers is my favourite candy bar
I had an imaginary friend when I was younger
I have to do chores every day
My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper
Okay, this survey is going on for way too long
I know the difference between 'to' 'two' and 'too'
& when is the appropriate time to use them
I have/had birds
I have been to Hawaii before
I want to go on a Cruise
I sleep with 3 or more pillows on my bed at one time
I always read before going to bed
I am/was in Honours, or Advanced English
I passed Geometry the first time I took it
My nails are not painted
I have a song stuck in my head right now
I have watched atleast one episode of 'Friends' before
Chocolate chip pancakes are pretty much the bomb

I have no clue what IHOP is or stands for
I'm currently avoiding someone
I know morse code
Facial hair is hot
I've been dehydrated before and passed out
I love to run
I have a crush on someone right now
& they don't even know I exist
Bolding surveys are calming
I'm listening to a sad song right now
I still use old-fashioned bar soap to wash myself in the shower

I have an electric toothbrush
I have taken professional studio photos with friends or family
I have seen Steven King's movie It
When I was younger my friends & I always used to make up dances and perform them for our family
I think I'm going deaf
I'm getting bored of this stupid survey already
I'm an accident just waiting to happen
I'm so clumsy
I have licked someone else's shoes before, for money or just because
I'm always indecisive
I have kickass bunny slippers
I need a tissue
I have watched the Disney movie Mulan before
& I loved it
I have attended a tea party before

I have seen a bear before, and it wasn't at the zoo
I have walked in on someone having sex before
The drawers on my dresser don't close all the way because they're so full
I hate my 3rd hour teacher
I read Manga
I have no clue what 'Manga' is
I used to collect beanie-babies way back when
I sell or buy stuff on eBay
I have been to a museum before
I have plans tonite
I like Spongebob
Captain Hook is one of my favorite Disney villians
I hate the movie The Sound of Music
I need to charge my phone
I like elephants.
You like showers better than bubble baths.
You cannot stand pop music.
You have 1 sister.
You are an only child.
You have brown hair.
You have blonde hair.
You have red hair.

You have glasses.
You wear contacts.
You like TV more than movies.
You don't talk on the phone often.
You like to shop.
You like emo music.

You are tall.
You are short.
You are average height.
You have long hair.
You have medium length hair.
You have short hair.
You use AIM.
You use Yahoo IM.
You have more than 3 pets.
You like sushi.
You live in New York.
You live in California.
You live in Texas.
You are currently on the second floor of your house.
You have a small room.
You are in high school.
You have 1 little brother.
You have 1 older brother.
You are allergic to something.
You have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
You have a current crush.
You have many crushes.
You have been kissed.
You have kissed another girl.
You laugh a lot.
You have lots of friends.
You are lonely.

You are depressed.
You are listening to music.
You are doing homework.
You have school tomorrow.
You are sick.
You hate your teacher.
You think your teacher is OK.
There is drama in your school, constantly.
You are wearing sweat pants.
You are wearing socks.
You are wearing a T shirt.
You have lost a loved one.
You hate your school.
You love your school.
You can live with your school, for now.
You have been picked on.
You have been yelled at.

You have gotten in a fight.
You have said a bad word.
You shop at Abercrombie and Fitch.
You play basketball.
You play softball.
You play baseball.
You play soccer.
You play football.
You like the New England Patriots.
You like the Indianapolis Colts.
You like the Pittsburgh Steelers.
You like the Green Bay Packers.
You like the Detroit Pistons.
You like the Miami Heat.
You like the Los Angeles Lakers.
You like the Cleveland Cavaliers.
You hate sports.
You get manicures.
You shop at Pac Sun.
You go to the mall alot.
You are close with your family.
You never fight with your parents.
You have been grounded.
You have driven a car.
You are listening to your ipod.
You are watching TV.
You are watching a movie.
You are listening to the radio.
You are singing.
You are happy.
You are sad.
You are blah.

You are anxious.
You are about to go some where.
You haven't been out of your house for over 3 days.
Someone besides you is in the same room with you.
You love your natural hair.
You hate your eye color.
You wish you were never born.
You write your own songs.
You write books.
You hate to write.
You hate your hometown.
You love your hometown.
You are smart.
You are average.
You are dumb.
You get good grades.
You enjoy having people at your house.
You love going to the movies with a lot of people.

You like to go bowling with your friends.
You have ice-skated before.
You like popsicles.

You think Vanilla is better than Chocolate.


1) the longest relationship i've had with a boy/girl was only a month....((a month and a week))
2) i hate the word "emo" and "scene"
3) i'm obessed w/ taking pictures
4) i never get off the computer, i'm on 24/7
5) Sprechen sie Deutsch?
5) i hate myspace, it's too overrated
6) i am/have been on a cheerleading squad
7) i am/have been on a basketball team
8) i am/have been on a lacrosse team
9) i am/have been on a hockey team
10) i am/have been on a soccer team
11) i am/have been on softball/baseball team
13) i go all crazy when a guy plays his guitar
14) i've been to 10 concerts/shows this year..so far
15) i have a strange obession w/ something
16) i am washing/drying my own clothes
17) i've been called a bitch, slut, whore, etc.
18) i've listened to led zeppelin's song "stairway to heaven" backwards
19) i believe his song has a satanic message in it
20) i believe someone thought it would be funny & edit the song and put shit about satan in it
21) i am on ..21 right now
22) it is exactly 11:31 AM/PM right now
23) i'm currently grounded from something
24) my birthday is in the month of june
25) i hate wearing hoodies
26) i always have some type of nail polish on my nails
27) i shop at abercrombie, hollister, ae, etc.
28) i shop at hot topic
29) i prefer kohls and target is the way to go
30) i hate when people TyPe LyKe DiS
31) i hate when people are always like "omfgstfu"
i can't help but say "like" in all my sentences
33) i've drank before without my parents knowing
34) i've smoked before without my parents knowing
35) i smoke & drink and my parents dont even care
36) i've done hard drugs before
37) i am a virgin
39) Hugs are Great, but Sex can Wait
40) i'm so confused about a lot of things right now
i laugh when i hear the number 69
42) i think it's funny when ppl try to act "gangsta"
43) i've kicked a guy in the balls before
44) i have to go to the bathroom right about now
45) i want the steelers to win the super bowl
46) i want the seahawks to win the super bow
48) i love grilled cheese
49) i'm the most popular person at my school
50) i have stalked someone before
51) i've been stalked before
52) i have had 5 emails before

53) i love peaches & pineapples
54) i have smoked orange peels before
55) i think i have seen a ghost/spirit before
56) i have a lot of scars on my body
57) i cut myself
58) i hate the word "suicide"
59) i have a little annoying brother
60) i have more than 6 pets at home
61) i've been to more than 5 US states
62) i've been to asia
63) i love any type of energy drink
64) i've passed out on purpose before
65) i suck at playing pool
66) i'm obessed w/ doing my hair
67) my screename contains x's in it
68) i think abortion is another name for murder
69) IT'S NUMBER 69 haha
70) i love going to school
71) if i was the president i would ban going to school
72) tupac is still alive
73) i scream when i see an ant
74) i've had a pet tarantula
75) i can't spell for shit
76) my friends are better than yours
77) music is a big part of my life

78) my favorite song is "grillz" by nelly
79) i never even heard that song
80) hilary duff rocks my socks
81) i've flicked off a stranger before
82) all my sentences have a swear word in it
83) i hate more people than i like
84) if i was a different person, i would be friends with me
85) i've seen a drunk/stoned person before

86) i've been one of those drunk/stoned people
87) i was born in the year 1988
88) oh boy! it's ..88! my favorite number
89) i've never been in love before
90) i've slipped "LOL" in a real conversation before
91) i get really bad headaches

92) i've bungee jumped before
93) i wish i did..=/
94) i have a sleepover w/ my friends like every weekend
95) i ran around in my undies/bra at my friend's house at 3am in the morning
96) the last word i said was stop
97) i wanna kill someone right now
99) people think i'm scary
100) i'm glad this survey is over
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